Share Your Pipe Chime Memories

This year has definitely been one to remember. Let’s remember some of the good times we’ve had! We’re excited to give back to YOU for sharing your fun moments with pipe chimes this year (no matter if you purchased them from us or made them yourself). It’s a small gesture but we hope a free $3.00 and a little pipe chime music can help bring joy to your modified holiday season.

FREE $3.00 Amazon Gift Card Details

We’d love for you to share your fun moments playing pipe chimes with others. To help encourage you to do so, we’d like to reward you with a free $3.00 Amazon digital gift card code when you post a picture or video of your fun with pipe chimes this year. See below for 3 ways you can qualify (only one $3 gift card per person).

-FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM: Create a post (image or video) with you playing your pipe chimes for others to see. Be sure to tag @musicalpipes so we know you did it and can send you a code.

-EMAILED IMAGE: Email us a picture of you playing your pipe chimes and we’ll post your image on our FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM accounts for others to see. By sending us an image you give us permission to do so.

Offer expires Dec. 31, 2020. One $3 gift code per person please. Posts must include a tag for @musicalpipes so we can give you credit for sharing. Make sure you can see your chimes in the post and that it’s viewable for others to see. Post must have a date between now and Dec. 31, 2020. If we don’t respond within 48 hours please contact us. Offer subject to change or cancellation at any time.

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