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Outdoor Xylophone

Have you ever visited a public park and enjoyed playing their outdoor xylophones or bell trees?  Some call them metallophones which are basically any musical instrument in which the sound-producing body is a piece of metal.  They can be a blast to play and make random music or you can spend some extra time and try to play something you’re familiar with (depending on its size).  Music has a way of brighten your mood and bringing out the creativity in all of us.

Many outdoor xylophones are very expensive, rather large and only include a few notes.  That’s where we come in.  We’ve brought music to families for years with simple pipes that are cut to length for a fun musical experience.  Why not make our own metallophone that is more affordable, includes two full octaves of natural notes (no sharps or flats) and is small enough (about 19″ tall by 14″ wide) that can fit on your porch, next to your home playground, in your flower garden or anywhere you’d like outside.  All components are weather resistant.  Now you can enjoy that fun familiar sound outside, anywhere!

It’s all about creativity this time – no practicing songs with song books on this bell tree. In fact, most of our songs won’t even work on this set since only the “white keys” of the keyboard.  Simple songs can be played but this outdoor xylophone is all about exploring tunes and making your own songs.  This simple outdoor xylophone brings little intimidation and attracts almost everyone.  You just can’t resist giving them a hit and testing their sound.  You can play for a few seconds or a few minutes with no need to set anything up – it will always be ready and waiting for you.

Indoor Xylophone MalletWhat if I want to make this into an indoor xylophone and make it a part of my yoga routine, meditation corner or make it part of music healing?  That’s a great idea – and you absolutely can!  Simply swap out the outdoor metal mallet (which is louder and brighter sounding), with the indoor wooden mallet (which produces a softer more mellow sound). 

Now you can really dial into tranquility by sound with this impressive and versatile indoor xylophone that can be hung anywhere. Both versions of this metallophone (indoor and outdoor) are very cost effective and allow you to have the experience of harmonically resonating pipes.  Are they made from expensive materials that allow them to vibrate for a full minute?  No.  Are the professionally tuned so even the perfectly trained ear can’t hear any discrepancy in tune anywhere? No.  Are they cut accurately enough that most people, if not all, will enjoy these pipes and not get hung up on minor tune imperfections since they only paid one-fourth of what professional metallophones cost?  YES!  And the lingering sound of our pipes will still capture your thoughts and peacefully help you relax.  These are hand made with common building materials and at times have minor imperfections – but you’ll be impressed by how well they sound and how much you saved.

Outdoor Xylophone GardenOur customers are loving these outdoor xylophones and putting them in their gardens, their patio outdoor spaces and including them in the kids play areas.  Preschools are loving how their kids explore with music with these cost effect chimes.  Those that are finding a fun place to put them inside in a play room or a lobby are finding joy in the simple music that they bring.

The possibilities are endless with this outdoor xylophone bell tree as kids, teens, adults or the elderly enjoy playing simple music outdoors.  Turning these pipes into an indoor xylophone for healing and relaxation will fulfill your desire for meditation or relaxation through sound healing.  You’ll be surprised how everyone that sees it will be drawn to playing it and will make such an accent piece wherever you put it.

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