Usage Disclaimer

DisclaimerAll pipe chimes, storage bags, mallets and holders are handmade with all other products being sold for the aid of playing the pipe chimes as directed. All items are not guaranteed to be free from defects and may include some minor flaws. Chimes are not professionally tuned only cut as precisely as possible to our predetermined lengths. Musical Pipes or any of those associated with Musical Pipes shall not be held liable for any injury caused by, misuse of or defects present in any of its products.

Intended use:  Pipes chimes are to be held individually by the looped handle and hit/struck gently with either our wooden mallets or metal strikers. Wooden cradle holders are to be laid down in pairs on a firm surface holding up to six chimes with each being placed in its own channel and stuck by our wooden mallets. Songbooks are to be laid down flat and used to assist in playing a song.  If used by children, adult supervision is recommended.

By purchasing any of our products you agree to these terms.


Please rest assured that we try our best to make a quality product.  A lot of time and effort has gone into our process on how to make the best product for you while being the most time efficient for us.  While most aspects of our products seem simple, they do take quite a bit of time, resources and skill to produce.  These are not a professional instrument and are intended for the simple fun of playing a song with your friends and family.  We are continually improving our products and would love to hear if you have any suggestions.  Our deepest hope is that you thoroughly enjoy your purchase (like so many others have).

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