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Need to customize your order a bit? Feel free to use this custom order form. It will only generate an email to us and helps us best know exactly what you would like to purchase. We'll get back to you as soon as possible and we'll talk about how to place your order. You can also create a custom order by adding what you'd like to your cart at our online store.
Item Cost Quantity
20 Pipe Chime Set $ 35
Storage Bag $ 5
Metal Strikers (bag of 14) $ 5
Wooden Mallet $ 1
Holder Set (holds up to 6 chimes) $ 2
Printed Christmas Song Book $ 10
Printed LDS Primary Song Book $ 10
Printed Children's Music Song Book $ 10
Printed Familiar Tunes Song Book $ 10
PDF Christmas Song Book $ 5
PDF Christmas Children's Song Book $ 5
PDF LDS Primary Song Book $ 5
PDF Children's Music Song Book $ 5
PDF Familiar Tunes Song Book $ 5
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